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All your dental work doneunder one roof with Tandara Dental

Whether you need braces, an extraction, or are just having a regular check up, being able to get all of your dental work and scans done in one place is far less stressful and far more efficient. Getting your dental x-rays and 3D scans with Tandara Dental means we can provide a quicker and more precise service to you.

What is the CBCT scanner used for?

Cone beam CT scanning, also known as 3D imaging, offers a complete picture of your teeth, jaw and face. Unlike traditional x-rays which only offer a 2D image, a cone beam CT scan provides our dentist with more detailed and accurate information about your teeth, roots, gums, nerves and more, and how they all work together.

This allows us to provide a more accurate and detailed diagnosis, as well as being able to provide treatment plans for a large range of dental issues, including root canals, oral surgery, orthodontics, TMJ disorders and more.

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When is a cone beam CT scan necessary?

There are several reasons why you may need to get a CBCT scan, including for dental implants, as well as surgical tooth extractions. Other common reasons include scanning for:

  • Orthodontic treatment; dental implants
  • Teeth extractions; Wisdom teeth extraction
  • TMJ disorders
  • Root canals
  • Oral surgery

Why chooseTandara Dental for your dental scans

We understand getting a dental scan can often be time-consuming and frustrating, often requiring an additional trip to the radiologist. At Tandara Dental, we have our very own CBCT scanner, this means you can get all your dental work and scans done from one convenient location, saving you the runaround.

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Quick and simple

Save yourself multiple trips to the dentist and get your CBCT scan completed in just a few minutes, no preparation needed.

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Safe and pain-free

We use the latest in 3D imaging and CBCT scanning technology to provide you with a low risk and pain free procedure, with much less radiation than traditional CT scans.


Get treated faster

From diagnosis to treatment, we help speed up the process by providing you with all necessary dental scans, saving you the trip to the radiology department.

Our simple processfor getting a CBCT scan

From initial consultation, CBCT scan and treatment plan, Tandara Dental provides you with a quick and simple solution, with all your dental needs in one convenient place, all in the same appointment!

  • 1 scan

    Initial consultation with dentist

    This is the perfect time to tell our friendly dentist about any dental issues, pain or concerns you may have been experiencing.

  • 2 retainers and aligners

    Conduct CBCT scan

    We will then proceed with a cone beam CT scan conducted in-house by a friendly qualified professional.

  • 3 Schedule

    Discuss treatment plans

    Following your scan, one of our friendly dentists will then discuss your results and recommend a treatment plan that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cone beam CT is used for finding issues in your bone structure or dental soft tissue.

What is cone beam CT imaging? A dental CBCT scanner, or a dental cone beam computed technology scanner is a form of dental CT scan. It’s a special type of x-ray scanner that can take both 2D images as well as 3D models of your face. They are used to scan:

  • Teeth
  • Soft tissues
  • Nerve pathways
  • Bone

The difference between a CT scan for dental and a CBCT machine is the CBCT machine can take 150-200 images in a minute to compile a 3D image, while the CT scan will take 10-30 minutes.

Yes, a CBCT machine is perfectly safe. It actually produces less radiation than most CT machines, but does produce more than a standard x-ray.

Once in the machine, a CBCT scan will take less than a minute to get a comprehensive 3D image.

If you’re coming in for a CBCT scan you won’t need to do anything. Once here, you’ll be asked to remove any jewelry or hearing aids, and we will position you in the machine – you’ll be out again in no time.

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