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Meet our Caring TeamAt Tandara Dental Center

Vraj is one of our newest dentists at Tandara Dental. Graduating from the University of Western Australia with an undergraduate in anatomy and a postgraduate degree in dentistry.

Ever since he was a boy, Vraj has always wanted to work in healthcare because he had heard how rewarding it can be. Dentistry seemed like the perfect fit because he thoroughly enjoys working with his hands, which is something he gets to do every day.

Dentistry also stands out for Vraj because he gets to make a real difference to someone’s life, sometimes within one appointment – a luxury not many other professions get to enjoy.

Staying active outside the office

Vraj is extremely passionate about cars. Whether it be driving them, going to car meets, or even washing cars, Vraj loves all things motors.

Dr Patel is also an absolute space geek, spending a lot of his time researching the latest space discoveries and photographing the universe. He’s always happy to discuss the latest space theories with patients, even if they’re about aliens! Vraj hopes that aliens have teeth, which might present an exciting new business opportunity!

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