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Fillingsin Gosnells

Cavities can creep up when you least expect them.

Sometimes they may be accompanied by toothaches, but other times there is no sensitivity whatsoever. Tooth decay can lead to the following:

  • Pain when biting down
  • Sensitivity to sweet foods or drinks
  • Something feeling not quite right around your tooth
  • Food catching between your teeth

It’s best to correct tooth decay very early so that we can avoid the need for a crown or root canal. With a filling, we can replace the missing tooth structure with a tooth-coloured or amalgam restoration. The filling returns strength and function to the tooth, preventing it from decaying any further.

What to Expect DuringYour Filling Appointment

First, the tooth being worked on is thoroughly numbed to prevent any discomfort or sensitivity during the procedure. Next, the damaged surfaces of the tooth are removed, and the filling materials are shaped into place.

If the filling is composite, we carefully match the shade of the restoration with the colour of your surrounding enamel. Finally, a bright light cures the filling in place.

If you suspect that you may have a cavity, or have an old filling that is starting to wear out, then contact Tandara Dental Centre straightaway.

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