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Four Things to Know About Your Child's Teeth

Child show off smileAs parents, it’s essential to help our children form good oral habits that last them well into adulthood. Sometimes that means overcoming myths we’ve been told over the years or being more proactive about daily habits.

Here are four things to keep in mind between your child’s dental checkups.

1. Unhealthy baby teeth impact the adult teeth coming in behind them.

If a baby tooth develops a cavity, that decay can spread into the growing permanent tooth about to take its place. It’s crucial to treat areas of decay before they expand from a small area into multiple teeth in your child’s mouth.

2. Early tooth loss can permanently alter their adult smile.

When a baby tooth is lost early, it can’t act as a placeholder and guide for the tooth coming in after it. As a result, the adult teeth may become impacted or erupt in a misaligned manner. If your child has lost a tooth due to an accident or necessary extraction, we’ll discuss a space maintainer to avoid complications.

3. Protecting your child’s smile during athletic activities may lower their risk of a concussion.

Does your son or daughter participate in recreational sports? Chipped and broken teeth are common dental emergencies that we see. Wearing a protective athletic mouthguard can keep their smile safe. But that’s not all. A professionally fitted appliance may help lower the chance of concussions during blunt force injuries.

4. Know how long to help your child brush and floss.

Until your little one has the ability to tie their shoes, you should follow up behind them after they brush and floss. Your child may want to brush independently. However, be sure to go behind them at least once a day to ensure they’ve thoroughly removed all of the plaque and food buildup in their mouth.

Schedule a check and clean for your child every six months. We’ll carefully monitor their teeth and gums to intervene before serious oral health problems have a chance to pop up.

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