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Protect Your Smile With a Mouthguard or Splint

Prevent Accidental Damage to Your Enamel

Patients of Tandara Dental Centre can get custom fitted guards and splints to protect their teeth from accidents and bruxism (grinding).

Athletic Mouthguards

Mouthguards Gosnells

Protect your teeth during sports with a custom fitted mouthguard.

Each custom guard is made accordingly to your individual smile. It snuggly fits around your teeth to protect them from trauma or injury. For athletic individuals, we add an extra layer of cushioning along the inside of the guard to protect during high-contact activities, such as boxing or football.

A store bought mouthguard usually involves a loose heat-and-bite fit that doesn’t offer the same amount of protection as our custom guards. The fit is also much looser, failing actually to protect the teeth during trauma to the mouth or face.

Bite Splints

For our patients that suffer from jaw pain or teeth grinding or clenching, a bite splint or nightguard can prevent discomfort or damaged or fractured teeth. The splint helps protect your teeth and prevents straining of your jaws.

To protect the investments you’ve made in your smile and avoid emergencies later on, a custom splint or mouthguard is a good choice. Schedule a visit to our Gosnells clinic to get started.

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