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Treatment for Gum Disease

Periodontal Therapy Options at Tandara Dental Centre

Gum disease treatment GosnellsOur hygienist has years of experience with periodontal gum disease and will create a comprehensive plan for your treatment.

Periodontal disease is a condition that leads to detachment of the gum tissues and bone around your teeth. At Tandara Dental Centre, our patients can get complete gum care at our Gosnells clinic.

Our hygienist has spent years working within a periodontal gum disease specialist practice and brings a wealth of experience with her to our office. When managing patients with gum disease, she, along with our team of dentists, create a comprehensive plan to manage, treat and reverse periodontal infections.

In most cases, we recommend a series of deep cleanings to remove the bacteria under the gums, which lead to the infection. Medication may also be placed into the gum pockets to speed the recovery process.

Gum Surgeries

Depending on the extent of your gum disease, one of our dentists may need to perform minor surgery on the area of infection. This prevents advanced gum recession and bone loss and makes the area easier to keep clean.

Do I Have Periodontal Disease?

Are you experiencing symptoms of bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth mobility or food packing under your gums? You could have gum disease. Schedule a consultation with us right away to stop tooth loss in its tracks.

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