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Inman AlignersTemporary, Removable Braces

Straighter Smiles in as Few as Three Months

Inman Aligners are a system of removable, temporary braces that straighten your teeth back into alignment. Although they are not a comprehensive orthodontic system, the aligners are the perfect option for crooked teeth in the front “aesthetic zone” of your smile.


Straighten Your Teeth Affordably

Most of the patients at our Gosnells clinic complete their Inman treatment in just three months or fewer. Plus, they’re less than one-third of the price of traditional braces. There’s no need to visit an off-site orthodontic clinic.

The removable aligners straighten the front upper and lower teeth so that your smile looks healthier and more beautiful. Every two to three weeks, we make minor adjustments to your Inman Aligner so that the teeth are gradually brought into alignment.

Enjoy Many BenefitsWith the Inman Aligner

  • Straighter teeth in less time
  • Freedom from fixed orthodontics
  • A removable appliance that is easy to care for
  • More affordable treatment alternative

Are you putting up with the inconvenience of a missing tooth?

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