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Custom Fit Mouthguardsin Perth

Whether you or your child engages in high-contact sport, or you grind your teeth while you sleep, it’s essential that you safeguard your pearly whites from damage.

At our clinic in Perth, we offer custom-fitted guards and splints to protect your teeth from accidents and bruxism (grinding and clenching).


Athletic Mouthguards

Each mouthguard is made according to the shape of your teeth. It fits around your teeth to protect them from trauma or injury. For athletic individuals, we add an extra layer of cushioning along the inside of the guard to protect during high-contact activities, such as boxing or football. We also can make your mouthguard in the colours of your favourite sport team.


Splints and Nightguards

For our patients that suffer from jaw pain or teeth grinding or clenching, a splint or nightguard can prevent discomfort or damaged or fractured teeth. The splint helps protect your teeth and prevents straining of your jaws.


Enquire now about the best mouthguards in Perth to protect your smile and enjoy peace of mind during sports or sleep.

Perfectly Fitted Mouthguards

We understand the importance of a mouthguard that not only provides optimal protection, but also fits perfectly. Our custom-fitted mouthguards are designed to contour to the unique shape of your teeth. This ensures they stay securely in place without slipping or dropping out, allowing you to focus on your game without any distractions.


Mouthguards aren’t just for professional athletes or those who participate in elite levels of sport. They’re recommended for anyone who enjoys playing, even if it’s a game of football or rugby with friends on the weekend.

Mouthguards are appropriate for any sport that involves contact. These include cricket, rugby, football, field hockey and more.

A mouthguard is composed of a flexible material that can absorb any impact to the area. It reduces the potential for damage to the skull, jaw and teeth.

A store-bought mouthguard usually involves a loose heat-and-bite fit that doesn’t offer the same amount of protection as our custom guards. The fit is also much looser, failing actually to protect the teeth during trauma to the mouth or face.

When your mouthguard is custom-created for you, it will fit smoothly over your teeth with no extra bulk that leaves you unable to speak plainly. Moreover, the materials used are long-lasting and durable, so the mouthguard won’t need to be replaced frequently.

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