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Fast and EffectiveTeeth Whitening in Gosnells

Do you refrain from smiling due to dingy or discoloured teeth? You’re not alone. Tandara Dental Centre offers fast and effective teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry that will bring confidence back to your smile.

We offer fantastic teeth whitening treatments that can give you the megawatt smile of your dreams. With our professional whitening treatments here at Tandara Dental Centre, we can help you lift dark stains and discolouration from your teeth, caused by things like:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Red wine
  • Dark foods, such as pasta sauce or berries
  • Tobacco products

Depending on how quickly or dramatically you want to whiten your teeth, we offer three types of whitening treatments from which to choose. Our practice is proud to offer the latest in teeth whitening techniques called; Philips Zoom Whitening, PolaOffice, and PolaNight. We use these three treatments as their unique formula has a neutral pH level to protect your teeth and gums during an at-home treatment, so you can enjoy peace of mind and a brighter smile.

Philips Zoom Whitening

Brought to you by the household brand, Philips, this new method of teeth whitening is our most advanced and effective method to date. Done in the comfort of our own practice by our friendly & experienced dentists within 45-60 minutes, this process has instant results. Reverse stains and have your teeth whitened up to 8 shades whiter without any pain. Have confidence in your smile.

In summary:

  • We prepare your mouth for whitening and apply the advanced whitening gel
  • We shine a WhiteSpeed blue LED over your teeth to speed the process
  • Once we reach your desired shade we will apply the post treatment gel to protect enamel and reduce sensitivity
Philips Zoom Whitening

PolaOffice +

Hailed as the world’s fastest tooth whitening system, PolaOffice is done in the comfort of our practice and requires no UV light to activate the applied gel. So, how does it work? When applied, PolaOffice’s unique ingredients immediately begin the whitening process. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

In summary:

  • PolaOffice is done in the comfort of our practice.
    does not require a UV light to activate the gel.
  • Its unique formula begins to work immediately once applied
  • Noticeable difference within 45 minutes.
PolaOffice +


PolaNight is a take-home system. We create the customised trays which you take home and apply the gel at your convenience. Pola’s unique formula has a neutral pH to protect your teeth and gums during an at-home treatment.

In summary:

  • PolaNight is a take-home system
  • Comes in customised trays which you take home and apply the gel at your convenience
  • Takes as little as 15 minutes to achieve your desired result.

How Much DoesTeeth Whitening Cost?

With teeth whitening now more affordable than ever, anyone can achieve a sparkling white smile that makes you look and feel younger.

Prior to undertaking any teeth whitening treatment, patients must attend a consultation with one of our dentists to assess whether your teeth meet the requirements for it such as no plaque built-up, healthy gum and overall good dental health.

Enjoy 50% off Teeth Whitening

We are currently running a promotion on teeth whitening treatment so there is no better time to enquire and start the treatment.

Philips Zoom teeth whitening starting prices:


$1,000 before 50% discount
*Incl. consultation and Philips Zoom Whitening gel
Starting discount price is before health fund rebate

PolaOffice teeth whitening starting prices:


$1,000 before 50% discount
*Incl. consultation and PolaOffice Gel
Starting discount price is before
health fund rebate

PolaNight teeth whitening starting prices:


$690 before 50% discount
*Incl. consultaions, gel, and mouthguard
Starting discount price is before
health fund rebate

What Do You Need To KnowPrior To Your Appointment

Teeth whitening process

  • May require 1 to 2 appointments, including the initial consultation
  • At the consultation, our dentist will determine whether teeth whitening is right for you
  • If a PolaNight take-home whitening kit is recommended, impressions will be taken during the consultation for your custom-made trays
  • All in-chair teeth whitening will be done by a dentist
  • In-chair treatment generally only takes around 1 to 2 hours
  • No preparation is needed prior to the appointment, however, we may ask about your dental and medical history
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What Do You Need To KnowAfter Your Appointment

  • Avoid smoking after teeth whitening. Nicotine contributes to staining the outer layer of your teeth
  • Dark coloured sauces, including soy, curry, tomato and pasta sauce
  • Fruits and berries that are vibrant in colour, such as blueberries, blackberries, cherries and pomegranates — juice and pies made from them
  • Sweets and lollies that make your mouth change colour or are hard
  • Icy poles and ice creams that make your mouth change colour
  • Coffee and tea can stain your teeth
  • Red wine, rich in colour will discolour your teeth
  • Carbonated drinks that are high in sugar
  • Sports and energy drinks vibrant in colour and high in sugar

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not permanent. However, with regular oral care and hygiene, such as brushing and flossing twice a day, and regular 6 monthly check-ups, results can last about 1 to 2 years. This is also providing you are a non-smoker and avoid teeth-staining foods and drink.

Potential side effects of teeth whitening may include tooth sensitivity, gum irritation and pain.

Rarely, but possible, is over-whitening, which causes translucent and teeth to appear grey. Your dentist will always advise on application time so this is a very rare occurrence. With a bleaching agent as an active ingredient, ingesting small amounts of gel in take-home kits may cause nausea or gum irritation. This is why we always recommend consulting with your dentist before undertaking any sort of DIY teeth whitening treatments.

A question most patients ask is, “can teeth whitening damage my teeth”? The short answer is no, as all teeth whitening treatments administered by a qualified dentist is done so to strict regulatory requirements. Your dentist will advise if teeth whitening treatments are right for you during your consultation.

There are many contributing factors to discoloured teeth, with some more preventable than others, and some unavoidable.

  • Drinks: coffee, tea, red wine, sugary drinks, sports drinks, soft drink
  • Smoking
  • Certain medications

Other teeth whitening options to consider are teeth whitening pens, as well as products containing activated charcoal.

Dental procedures including veneers and dental implants can prove to be more effective, long-term solutions than teeth whitening treatments. Make sure to speak with your dentist.

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