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Root Canal Therapy in Gosnells

Why Might I Need a Root Canal?

Root canal GosnellsEndodontic treatments are recommended when you don’t want to lose a severely damaged natural tooth. Instead of having to pull the tooth, we repair it from the inside, allowing it to last for longer.

Your tooth may be experiencing symptoms of pain, abscessed gums, large fractures or deep cavities.

The Treatment Process

The endodontic process takes three to four appointments to complete.

First, the dentist removes the nerve from the inside of the infected tooth. Then we put medication inside of the tooth and place a temporary filling in it. About three weeks later, we have you return for us to take the filling out and clean the tooth again, placing more medication inside of the tooth.

About three weeks later, you return for the third visit. If the tooth is fine and is not causing you any pain, the the dentist will place a filling inside of the nerve chamber, and then a permanent filling over the tooth. Once the process is complete, the tooth is still present but it is now “dead.” Because of this, it is prone to breaking down over time.

The Final Touches

To give the tooth strength and a long-term prognosis, we put a crown (cap) over it so that it does not break. A crown is almost always recommended when we perform a root canal.

If you suspect that you may need a root canal, contact us right away to schedule an exam and x-ray.

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