Protect Your Smile with a Custom Mouthguard

Many people take their dental health for granted, never considering the vital role teeth play each day in enabling us to eat, talk and smile with confidence and in complete comfort. Unfortunately, while strong, teeth are not indestructible and can be damaged due to trauma, sometimes to such a degree that they are beyond repair, so extraction is unavoidable, even though this is always our last resort.

Treatments to repair or restore damaged and missing teeth can be expensive, especially when considering the costs over a lifetime. Then there is the emotional trauma of losing teeth, as it can be extremely upsetting. We would far rather our patients avoid tooth loss due to accidental damage, and one way we can help is by providing a custom-made mouthguard.


How Do You Know if You Need a Dentist Mouthguard?

We thoroughly recommend considering a mouthguard if you or another member of your family play any sports where there is a risk you could take a blow to the mouth. While some contact sports carry an obvious risk of injuries, such as hockey, boxing and rugby, so can other sports, including skateboarding, horse riding, cricket, soccer and touch football. An injury can chip or crack teeth, knock them out entirely, damage or break the jaws or cause cuts inside the mouth. If there is a risk of a collision, the Australian Dental Association recommends that you protect your teeth, gums and jaws with a well-made custom sports mouthguard.


Not Just for Sports

A mouthguard is extremely useful for anyone who clenches and grinds their teeth, a habit called bruxism which is often nocturnal. The pressure created during clenching and grinding can significantly damage teeth, causing excessive wear and tear that results in teeth becoming chipped or cracked, or in the worst cases worn down to nubs or being damaged beyond repair. Wearing a mouthguard can also treat problems with snoring (sleep apnoea), a habit that disrupts restful sleep and can affect overall health.


Why Choose a Custom Fit Mouth Guard?

It is possible to purchase mouth guards over the counter for just a few dollars. Initially, this may seem a sensible solution, but be aware these offer very limited protection at best. Some are stock mouthguards that you just have to hope fit reasonably well. These can be uncomfortable to wear, hinder breathing and speech, and are likely to fall out. Because they fit so poorly, they will provide minimal protection at best.

Perhaps you have wondered about buying a boil and bite mouth guard? These are softened in hot water, so you can try to adapt them to fit around your teeth and gums. While a little better than stock mouthguards, it is still extremely difficult to get them to fit comfortably, and they still won’t provide a good level of protection for your teeth, gums and jaws. Although an over-the-counter dental mouth will cost very little, it is a false economy, and you could end up spending far more time and money than you’d wish restoring damaged teeth.

Now, contrast this with a custom fit mouth guard that will feel comfortable to wear, will not fall out, and provides maximum protection for your teeth and jaws. Dentist mouthguard prices are extremely reasonable, especially as they are made from durable, longer-lasting materials. They provide peace of mind that your teeth or your family’s teeth are receiving the best level of protection.


How Much is a Dental Mouthguard?

A custom mouthguard is very affordable, and the price depends on the type required. It will last longer than any over the counter mouthguard and is a worthwhile investment in your dental health. We can provide a proper quotation when you visit Tandara Dental.


What is the Process for a Custom Mouthguard?

The process is extremely simple, entirely painless and non-invasive. You will need an appointment with our sports mouth guard dentist. They will want to discuss your chosen sports so we can design and make your custom mouthguard to provide appropriate protection.

For example, some mouthguards have only a single layer of a more flexible material and are suitable for younger children whose teeth and jaws are still developing. Other mouthguards can have a double layer of material and are suitable for sports with a moderate level of physical contact. These are suitable for adults and older children. If you participate in sports with a high risk of impact, we may recommend a double-layered mouthguard with a hard insert, which provides an increased level of protection and shock absorption to help protect your teeth and jaws. These mouthguards can be very useful for sports such as football or boxing. We can also make your mouthguard in colours to support your favourite team.

Once we have identified the correct type of mouthguard, we take a detailed dental impression of your mouth. The impression is used to fabricate your mouthguard to our dentist’s exact design and specifications. Once it is ready, you return to Tandara Dental so we can check the fit and it is ready to use.


What About a Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding or Snoring?

Teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism) can cause increased tooth sensitivity and jaw pain, and the discomfort can spread to other facial muscles or cause chronic headaches or earache. People with sleep apnoea will often stop breathing for several seconds during sleep, sometimes hundreds of times a night. As they restart breathing, some may also clench and grind their teeth.

If you suspect you snore or clench and grind your teeth, make an appointment to see our dentist for a snoring mouth guard or a mouth guard for teeth grinding. Our dentist can listen to your concerns and gently examine your teeth and jaws for signs of bruxism.

A custom made night guard will fit comfortably over your teeth, so your opposing teeth bite or grind harmlessly against the night guard. The night guard protects your teeth from further damage and helps to protect your jaw joints. Some people will only need to wear their night splint for a short while to break the habit of clenching and grinding, but others may need to wear it for the longer term.


Caring for Dental Mouth Guards

When you receive your mouthguard or night splint, we will discuss how to clean it thoroughly after each use to ensure it remains fresh and hygienic. Ensure you store the mouthguard in the container provided, away from heat that could distort it. It is a good idea to bring your mouthguard with you to regular checkups so our dentist can assess its condition and fit. When cared for correctly, a custom mouthguard should last quite a while before it needs replacing. Children’s mouthguards may need replacing more frequently as their teeth and jaws are still developing.

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