Can You Fix A Chipped Tooth?

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Chipping a tooth could happen to anyone at any given time.

From using your molars to open bottles at a party to a sports accident, or simply eating foods that are especially hard, if you discover you have a chipped tooth — don’t panic.

Fixing a chipped tooth and getting back your natural smile has never been easier thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry.

There are a number of dental treatments available, including dental crowns, dental implants, and veneers to remedy your broken smile and restore natural function of working teeth.


The key is to fix a chipped tooth as soon as it happens to ensure it does not cause any further issues. 

This article explores the different types of dental treatments available, how to protect a chipped tooth and what happens if you choose to ignore it.


What treatment options could be considered? 


1. Dental crowns

dental crown is quite a common dental procedure and provides a full-coverage solution for restoring chipped or broken teeth. Dental crowns can be made to mimic the exact colouring and shape of your other teeth so that it blends in naturally with your smile.


2. Veneers

Veneers are one of the most effective ways to recreate the appearance of your smile and to cover various tooth imperfections — usually the front and most visible teeth. A thin layer is applied over the front of the tooth and can be made from a tooth-coloured composite or porcelain.


3. Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the most reliable solutions to permanently replace missing teeth due to injury, tooth decay, or gum disease. If a chipped tooth is beyond saving and is starting to cause you pain and discomfort, a tooth extraction may be required. Once the tooth has been extracted, a dental implant can be inserted with a crown on top, giving you back the natural look and feel of your teeth.

Dental implants in Perth have become a fairly common procedure for those who are looking for a permanent solution to replace their missing teeth. Providing a dentist has deemed the dental treatment appropriate, the results can be life changing.

Speak to a dentist to find out if dental implants are right for you.


What happens if you ignore a chipped or a cracked tooth?

Based on the severity of the crack, ignoring a severely damaged tooth can lead to more serious problems, including the tooth splitting or breaking, or a tooth infection. This may require more extensive and costly dental treatments such as root canal therapy and could result in a loss of the tooth.


How to protect a chipped tooth?

If you’ve just chipped your tooth, here’s what to do first after you’ve booked an appointment with your dentist.

  • Avoid chewing on the side with the chipped tooth
  • Avoid extreme temperature foods, including soups and ice cream
  • Avoid especially hard foods, including candy, nuts and ice
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt-water to remove any bacteria


How much does it cost to repair a chipped tooth?

The cost to fix a chipped tooth will depend on the severity of the chip, where it’s located, and the dental procedure required to repair it.

If you have chipped or cracked your tooth, contact Tandara Dental Centre to discuss the dental treatments available that are best suited to your situation.

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